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Welcome to VerdeBoard

VerdeBoard is a green building material used primarily in the furniture and cabinet industry. VerdeBoard material  is used to construct  carcasses and substructure of furniture and cabinetry. We distribute to the trades as well as major retail outlets .

"...VerdeBoard products were developed from natural biproducts and recycled  to reduce the hazrardous impact of building materials on the environment... "

Mission Statement:

image hereThe concern of the global community regarding the environmental and health impact of construction materials has developed a need for products that are safe and  environmentally friendly. The term Green Building  is synonymous with the developement and of these types of materials.

At VerdeBoard, we are dedicated to environmental responsibility and implementing environmentally responsible procedures to protect and preserve natural resources. We are committed to reducing waste in the production of our materials and conserve energy. Our products are processed from resources that are indigenous, rapidly renewable or post consumer recycled materials. The manufacturing of these products utilizes Formaldehyde free substrates and resins, together with water-based solvents, adhesives, stains, and finishes ensuring a safe, eco-friendly material. In addition, our raw materials are acquired from local vendors and suppliers, which reduce energy consumption and reduces the carbon footprint on the environment.

Our manufacturing facilities maintain a reduced airborne contaminate environment which creates clean and healthy working conditions for the production staff. Our goal is to minimize the impact of the production process on the local and global environment and to ensure a safe, secure facility.

Our products are tested and certified with documentation available upon request. Our products meet the standards set forth by
Green Building
initiatives and can help your projects achieve credits toward LEED certification.

VerdeBoard is a member of recognized organizations as listed below:

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